Posted by: Jina Bacarr | November 7, 2011

“Titanic Rhapsody” coming in 2012 from Ellora’s Cave

I’m so excited to announce that my romance novel about the Ship of Dreams, TITANIC RHAPSODY, will be published by ELLORA’S CAVE in 2012!

I wanted to post a picture reflecting my thanks…I put together this poster of Katie O’Reilly, my heroine as I see her from an old illustration, along with Katie’s rosary.

© Mikle15 | © Michal Mrozek |

More news as it happens!

Titanic Rhapsody rosary poster by Jina Bacarr with photos from



  1. Wow, can’t wait for the Titanic movie 3D in theaters. I still can remember that famous scene when Rose said, “I want you to paint me wearing this, only this” if I got the line right? Anyways, I ran across this titanic website which sells that famous necklace, with the coal inside it, very cool!!!! I purchase one for my wife, maybe i’ll take her picture with just that cause I can’t paint, lol. I’ll attach the link if I may of those interested,

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