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TITANIC RHAPSODY Weekend Day 2: April 14, 2012 Saturday Titanic: Romance on the High Seas

Here’s a glimpse of my Titanic blog for today at Jolyn’s Blog–read the entire post HERE. 

TITANIC RHAPSODY Weekend with Jina Bacarr and Jolyn Palliata

Day 2: April 14, 2012 Saturday 

Titanic: Romance on the High Seas 

The Grand Tour of Europe. A must for every nouveau riche American back in 1912, whether it was the beauty of Venice or the ooh la la of Paris. For seventeen-year-old Jack Thayer, a first class passenger on the Titanic traveling with his parents, it was Berlin.

Which reminds me of my own teenage “grand tour” of Germany and France with my family, except we did it pulling a trailer behind our rented Danish car. Definitely steerage (I’ll never forget the toilet facilities at the campground in Versailles—a hole in the ground with two shoe prints on either side for your feet). My dear sweet mum put up with my da’s wanderlust to go camping all over Europe for one week. 

Then it was time to go first class. 

I’ll never forget the expression on the doorman’s face when we drove up in front of the exclusive Quellenhof Hotel in Bad Aachen pulling a run-down trailer. And us in our sneakers and jeans. I thought they wouldn’t let us in until my da whipped out his Amex Card. 

Ah, the power of plastic. 

I’ll never forget that summer. We ate heavy brown bread in a campsite in the Black Forest and sausages and cheese and drank our Florida Boy orange soda under a canopy of green, where the hot sun peeked through the branches and pop music blasted from a radio. 

I get that same homey feeling when I think about the steerage passengers on the Titanic and the thrill they must have felt when they found their cabins down on the lower decks. Two- and four-berth cabins with cozy red-and-white plaid blankets (no sheets) and a sink with running water (cold only). 

And as Katie O’Reilly, my heroine in Titanic Rhapsody, finds out, two tubs for seven hundred people. Not a charming thought for the likes of them with the smell of Irish peat lingering upon their clothes. No wonder the lass is tempted to stay in first class with Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn. 

I’ll not give it away, but Katie experiences life aboard the Titanic in both first class and steerage. And let’s not forget the second class passengers. Many of them had first class tickets on other steamships but because of a coal strike, they were transferred to the Titanic with second class accommodations (which were considered equal to first class on other liners). 

It’s Thursday, April 11, 1912, and we’re aboard the Titanic pulling out of Queenstown and headed for New York. The sea is calm with a brisk wind, making it cold on deck. The crossing will take approximately a week since the steamship left Southampton with the ship scheduled to arrive in New York early on Wednesday morning, April 17th. 


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