Posted by: Jina Bacarr | July 24, 2012

Titanic Rhapsody Review on “Joyfully Reviewed” by Vanessa

Vanessa did a wonderful job reviewing my story! 
(original REVIEW here)


Titanic Rhapsody by Jina Bacarr
Ellora’s Cave Blush
ISBN: 9781419937712
Reviewed by Vanessa

Katie O’Reilley is a poor Irish girl on the run from the law, and accused of a crime she didn’t commit. Katie can’t help it that there is something about her that people can’t resist, but she never asked for the attentions of another, which led to her employer’s daughter speaking lies about her. Katie seeks to begin a new life in America and then bring her sister to join her overseas. Finding passage on the large liner as she sets off for her maiden voyage, Katie has to rely on the kindness of strangers as she embarks on her new life. Katie, who doesn’t buy into societal places nor appreciate the boundaries that the class system has set up, soon finds herself enamored of Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn. She knows that in other circumstances they are so far out of reach from each other, but love doesn’t respect society. Katie is soon placed in a situation that she never thought she would be in, and she has a choice to make look towards the future that she had always longed for by living a lie, or give in and suffer the consequences that someone else has set up for her.

Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn is a gambler with a title, but no fortune. He was a former intelligence officer in the Army who left his position due to his father’s machinations. After stirring up some trouble back home, Jack accepts an invitation to travel on the doomed ship to get away from the gossip his actions had ignited. Jack doesn’t believe in love or marriage because of the way his father had treated his mother, and he has never met a woman that incited him enough to set aside these feelings. However, Jack soon finds that he may have met his match in the lovely beauty Katie O’Reilley, and it doesn’t hurt that he can’t resist a damsel in distress.

Titanic Rhapsody is an enjoyable story that takes place on a doomed ship amongst a lot of heartbreak and heartache, but true love prevails. I liked that in the end, despite the class boundaries, people still helped one another. Titanic Rhapsody actually mentioned several names that played key roles in that tragic event in history, and this further brought the story to life.

Reading the back blurb of Titanic Rhapsody, I was reminded of the film by James Cameron. Several similarities could be drawn between the two, but Titanic Rhapsody is a story unto itself that takes you through the various things that happened that night.

I liked that Jack wasn’t snotty as societal status would have dictated back then, but that he looked to the essence of the person, and he sought the greater good in them despite their social position. That in and of itself was uplifting given that for some reason, people seemed to think that because of an accident of birth they were better than others! Titanic Rhapsody did NOT have Katie adhering to these rules either. Despite what she was to be, she was more of a woman on the cusps of change for that time period. She wanted to pre-judge based upon past experience but, in the end, she went with giving people the benefit of the doubt.

Titanic Rhapsody wasn’t a surprise in the ending. I knew the ship would still seek the bottom of the ocean, but I wasn’t sure if the author would also send some of the protagonists down there as well. I liked that some of the things that were known to take place on that ship, on that night, were brought out in Titanic Rhapsody and the feelings that this invoked within the characters, too. Titanic Rhapsody further explored how the decisions made that night and the repercussions of them played out in the end, and Titanic Rhapsody didn’t close when the ship found her final resting place.


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